Our Books

Hello, we are Danielle Storch and Tova Nessaiver. We are the authors of a new book called "Step Into My Shoes." Click here to learn more

Step Into My Shoes

Here are stories of kids who face dilemmas heartache, and challenges similar to your own. How do they confront them, solve them, deal? Come laugh and cry and gain insight from the virtual experiences of...stepping into their shoes. 

Enjoy the journey and stay strong

Coming Soon

The New Kid Survival Manual

A must-read for anyone changing schools, and moving to a new place. 

Get tips from other "new kids," read real stories, and start your school year strong


About the Authors

Danielle Sarah Storch  contributes regular columns to Binyan, Mishpacha Jr. She has been published in the Baltimore Jewish Times and in Yated. With a master's degree in occupational therapy, she has worked with families whose children have disabilities, gaining insight into the problems such children face. Danielle Sarah founded the Baltimore Girl's Writing Group and taught an afterschool creative writing course at Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore.

Tova NessAiver, a former technical and corporate writer, has been editing and ghost writing manuscripts for the past 20 years. She has written for assorted local Jewish publications and periodicals and taught writing at the middle school and high school levels as well as tutored students in English and writing from elementary through college levels.