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People don’t grow old

Recently I heard a saying — “People don’t grow old, when they stop growing, they become old.”   Every day when we wake up in the morning, we are given a gift– another day to grow.  No matter where we live, what financial status we may have, no matter what our ethnicity is, we all have the chance to grow. Today, have we reached beyond where we stopped yesterday?

About a month ago I found out that my bones were not as strong as I had hoped.  I am at that time in my life where it is very “normal” to lose bone density.  Yet as someone who is constantly exercising and weight bearing, I  had hoped to hear better news for myself. Instead of wallowing in sorrow, I decided to grow. This was my opportunity   I prayed about it.  I checked back in with my American Bone Health organization for which I volunteer.  I met with a nutritionist named Dr. Susan Brown from The Center for Better Bones, and I decided that I would work on eating more consistently, making sure to get the proper amount of nutrition through foods and supplements.  I will keep you posted in future blogs about what I am learning.  I am hopeful and feeling very much at peace with my decision to be proactive.

Meanwhile, I challenge you to stay young today by growing in an area or areas where you may be stuck. Ask yourselves, how have I grown today?  Maybe you need to improve your mental or spiritual state.  Maybe you need to learn a new piece of information that will make a difference in your life.  Perhaps you observed someone performing an act of kindness that you want to emulate.  Or maybe, like me, you have an area that needs improvement.

Whatever area you chose to improve, I’d love to hear about your growth as we STAY STRONG FOR LIFE.



People ask me why I love to exercise

Sometimes I'm asked why I love to exercise. I guess there are those who feel that exercise is a burden or that they don't really enjoy it. For me, exercise helps me to feel alive in my body. I can actually feel the blood flowing and my heart pumping after a good workout. But more than that, I have an image ingrained in my mind--one of my grandfather of blessed memory. Dr. Louis Rothman, or PaPa Lou, as we fondly called him. My grandfather was a retired physician who knew what it took to stay healthy. He exercised every day of his long life. PaPa Lou lived to the ripe old age of 101.5, and he walked using his own two legs until the very end (without a cane). In fact, PaPa Lou in an interview said that the best form of exercise was walking. I am blessed to have had such a wonderful role model who literally was able to STAY STRONG FOR LIFE. To watch my interview with PaPa Lou click on the About Me section of this website and scroll down.


Check Out My New Website!

I am very excited to launch my brand new website! Here you will find links to my exercise classes for women and to shiurim, books, and other resources to help you stay strong. Let me know what you think!